Range Rover Vogue


Range Rover Vogue
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Range Rover Vogue

Car class: luxury car hire, one way car rental
Brand: Porsche
Number of Doors: 
Passenger Capacity: 4
Fuel Type: Diesel

Range Rover Vogue for rent

Rent a Range Rover Vogue in Italy for a week, daily, weekend, monthLy

Range Rover Vogue is definitely the perfect car for those who want visit Italy. The exclusivity and attention to details allow it to excel between competitors that dominate the industry.

A powerful luxury sports car and angry, with an aggressive look given by the unmistakable line.

The steering is perfect and the entries in the curves very fast.
The words that have always distinguished the brand of Range Rover are experience, passion, excellence, luxury and high performance.
The special leather seats, wrap the driver in perfect position also for long journeys.


Review luxury car Range Rover Vogue for rent
Review 4 star
"Particularly handy, despite the huge size, the Range Rover Vogue has excellent parking sensors, perfect to park even in small spaces."
by , il 23 Jan
The trunk is spacious and ideal for those who have to move in with suitcases following. Excellent turning radius that makes the Range Rover Vogue, very practical even when maneuvering in the city or in the most difficult corners. The space is abundant for both the front seats and for those rear, good for the comfort of all passengers.
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