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Convertible car rental Milan Italy

Convertible car

Category: Convertible car hire
Pick-up: Milan Italy
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Ferrari rental Milan Italy

Ferrari rental

Category: Ferrari
Pick-up: Milan Italy
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Van rental Milan Malpensa Airport

Van rental

Category: Van and Minivan
Mercedes V class 8 seat, Mercedes Vito 9 seat
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7 seater Milan

7 seater

Category: 7 seater
Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Defender, Range Rover Vogue, Mercedes GLS
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Porsche rental Milan Italy

Porsche rental

Category: Porsche
Pick-up: Milan Italy
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Range Rover rental

Range Rover

Category: Range Rover
Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Evoque
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Mercedes rental Milan

Mercedes rental

Category: Mercedes
Mercedes E class, Mercedes Viano, Mercedes GLS
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Sports car rental Milan Italy

Sports car rental

Category: Prestige car
Pick-up: Milan Italy
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Minivan rental Milan Italy

Minivan rental

Category: 7 seater - 8 seater
Pick-up: Milan Italy
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Malpensa airport rental Milan Italy

Malpensa airport

Category: luxury car rental
Pick-up: Milan Italy
Rent: daily, weekly, montly

There are many good reasons to choose Karisma Luxury rental for yours luxury car rental in Milan

Car Delivery in less than 5 minutes

No queues, no waiting, the Express Delivery service is active above all rental cars, allows you to pick up the car in less than 5 minutes from your arrival.
It will be sufficient to indicate the place and time of the meeting. The dedicated Karisma Luxury Rental Assistant will be waiting for you and will take you to your car.
All paperwork will be handled prior to your arrival to allow you to leave immediately towards your destination.

Luxury car rental with delivery in Milan Malpensa Airport

Delivery of the rental car at Milan Malpensa airport is easy and fast.
Just indicate the flight number and arrival time.
Karisma Luxury Rental personal assistant will be waiting for you at the exit of the gate to bring you directly to the car.
No waiting. We know how important time is for ours clients.
A perfect organization to get you started on your holiday right away.
The car models available with delivery to the Milan airport Malpensa are Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes, Range Rover, Audi, Mini Minor. It’s possible to request sports cars, SUVs, minivans and 7-seater vans with ample space for suitcases, convertibles and supercars.

Luxury car rental with delivery to Milan Linate Airport

Karisma Luxury Rental is also active at Linate airport with a active service 24 hours a day. The Karisma Fleet is characterized by latest models on the market. Just sit in the driver's seat to discover all the comforts of one perfect guide.

Car Delivery also at night time

There are many flights arriving at night both at the airport Milan Malpensa and Linate airport. The delivery of the car can take place at any time both night and day with a presence 24 hours a day of our delivery workers. In less than 5 minutes from your arrival you can leave for yours destination, without waiting in unnecessary files or waits.

One way car rental Milan

Karisma Luxury Rental offers an exclusive service for its customers with the possibility of renting a car in Milan and returning it in one different city or in a different country.
This service is particularly useful for those who want to move in more localities, without having the obligation to go back to deliver the car.
An example? Pick up the car in Milan and return it in Florence, Rome or Naples.

What to do to rent a luxury car in Milan Italy?

Renting a luxury car in Milan can be a truly unforgettable experience, and it's important to follow a few simple steps. Here's what you need to do to rent a luxury car in Milan:

  1. Select your car: Consider factors such as the model, make, color, and features to find the perfect car for your needs.
  2. Book your rental: Contact Karisma Luxury Rental to book your rental, being sure to provide them with all of the necessary information, including your name, contact information, and rental dates.
  3. Provide documentation: To rent a luxury car, you will need to provide the rental company with a valid driver's license and a major credit card.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy a truly unforgettable luxury car rental experience in Milan.
Whether you're looking for a high-end sports car, convertible car, a sleek and stylish sedan, or a spacious SUV, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs and budget.

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Delivery Point

If you're looking to rent a luxury car in Milan Italy, there are a few delivery points available to choose from, depending on your preferences and needs.

Here are some of the most popular delivery points for luxury car rentals in Milan:

  1. Milan Malpensa Airport: Karisma Luxury Rental offer delivery and pick-up services directly at Milan Malpensa Airport, which is the largest airport in Milan and one of the busiest in Italy. This is a great option if you're flying into Milan and want to start your rental as soon as you land.
  2. Milan Linate Airport: Another popular delivery point for luxury car rentals in Milan is Milan Linate Airport, which is located just 7 km from the city center. This is a smaller airport than Malpensa, but it still offers a good selection of services.
  3. Milan Central Station: if you're arriving in Milan by train, you may want to consider having your luxury car rental delivered directly to Milan Central Station. This is the largest train station in Milan and is well-connected to other parts of the city.
  4. Hotel Delivery: Karisma Luxury rental offer delivery services directly to your hotel in Milan. This can be a convenient option if you want to have your car waiting for you when you arrive at your accommodation

No matter which delivery point you choose for your luxury car rental in Milan, be sure to book in advance to ensure availability and secure the best rates.

Car Rental Agency in Milan - Compare prices

To rent a car in Milan, will you experience the most exclusive experiences in the most elegant cities in Italy.
Karisma Luxury Car rental specializing in luxury car hire, is present in Milan, with a fleet of cars of the highest level including the best brands of luxury cars, sports cars, luxury cars, convertibles cars, one way car rental service and car with 7 seats.


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Karisma Luxury Rental
Via Dante, Milano, 20121 Italia

Mobile: ✆ +39 366 41.64.649
Open: every day from 08 am to 19pm

Car models for luxury car rental in Milan

Among the brands available for luxury car rental in Milan we mention: Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes, Range Rover, Audi, Mini and all the models of convertible cars, sports cars, luxury cars, minivans or cars with 7 or 8 seats with ample space for suitcases.

How to calculate the rental price

The rental price of each car varies according to the period chosen, model chosen and dates chosen. Furthermore, the rental price may vary in relation to additional services that the customer may request. To know the price of car rental in Milan is enough to fill in the form on this page indicating your name, surname and telephone number. You will be contacted by the Karisma Luxury Rental operator who will make a personalized quote with all the details of the costs.

Document necessary to rent a car

  1. Driver's license
  2. Passport
  3. Credit card

Important information for driving in Milan Italy

Maximum speed on urban roads 50km/h
Maximum speed on extra-urban roads 90km/h
Maximum speed on the motorway 130 km/h

LUXURY CAR rental Milan Italy

All paperwork will be processed prior to your arrival so that you can get in the car and set off in less than five minutes from your arrival.

If the delivery of your luxury rental car is required to Milan Central Station, the personal assistant will meet you at the arrival platform.
It also operates a suitcases service in hotels, if you want to travel without clutter.

If the luxury car rental delivery is required in a hotel or villa, it will be sufficient to indicate the time and date of delivery and collection of the car. We work for years with the best luxury hotels in the province of Milan.


Review luxury car Luxury car rental Milan Italy
Review 5 star
Ferrari Portofino Milan Italy.
by , il 5 Marzo 2022
The rental process was smooth and efficient, with a knowledgeable and professional rental agent assisting me in selecting the perfect car for my needs. I opted for a convertible, which was in pristine condition and offered all the latest features and technologies.
Driving a luxury car through the winding streets of Milan was an absolute thrill, with the powerful engine and smooth handling providing an unforgettable driving experience. The top-down feature of the convertible allowed me to enjoy the beautiful Italian scenery in style, with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face.
The rental company also provided excellent customer service throughout my rental period, with regular check-ins and assistance with any questions or concerns I had. The drop-off process was just as seamless as the pick-up, with the rental agent meeting me at my designated location and ensuring that everything was in order.