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Mercedes E Class
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Mercedes E Class

Much security and comfort to feel well protected, ask the price for the rental of Mercedes E-Class and discover the sensations at the guide.
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Car class: luxury car hire, one way car rental
Brand: Mercedes
Rental location: Florence, Naples, Rome, Milan, Venice, Torino, Siena, Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany.

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Review 4 star
"Every time I come to Italy I always hire this car."
by , il 05 Marzo 2015
If is available i choose the one with the white leather interior, but also the Mercedes E-Class with the dark interior is very nice. Both have the automatic transmission, and all the comforts and full optional. I prefer the E-Class because I always make long journeys across Italy from Milan to Naples and the fuel consumption is really good.
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An Unforgettable Experience

The first impressions that you will have on a Class E Mercedes are great security and comfort. Over than the full optional cabin, equipped with the most innovative security system, an impressive road grip and driving steadiness make the driver really feel the pleasure of a safe travel. The engine power is perfect to ensure a comfortable trip on the highway even at high speed.

The smooth arrangement and the balance are the main E Class characteristics, the ideal vehicle for the ones that want to travel in comfort, safety and total relax.

Mercedes E Class is a distinguished car, a real on wheels sofa. The anterior seats are son comfortable and the cabin on the rear may lodge three persons in total comfort. The elegant and sought-after finishings on the dashboard as a sedan of this kind requires. Every detail here gives you the sensation of massive and endureness. A wide boot is really important for a car like this one, which is studied for the ones travelling long trips on the road. The little shutter in the dashboard on the passenger' side hides a big and refrigerated opening where to put fresh beverages.

The elegance and sobriety is always assured when we speak about Mercedes E Class 250 Sedan, but the whole aspect is now more modern. The massive and agressive front and the gentle lines give to the german car authority and determination, but at the same time elegance and aerodynamics. The long and slim coffin ends with a front showing all the class and the decision of this car. The two-plated grille with the Mercedes symbol opens for all is back. The four-lights front, always the feature of this brand is adapted with skill to the integral lights. The side lines make one disegn stressing the sports line of this car, and its dynamism.

Mercedes E class for rent Italy interiorMercedes E class for rent Italy exteriorMercedes E class for rent Italy front Mercedes E class for rent Italy interior