Mercedes CLA


Mercedes CLA
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Mercedes CLA

Car class: luxury car hire, one way car rental
Brand: Mercedes
Number of Doors: 
Passenger Capacity: 4
Fuel Type: Diesel

Mercedes CLA for rent


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Review 4 star
"Dream car with style and unmistakable power. Surely the brand Mercedes does not go unnoticed.

by , il 14 Jan
A concentrate of pure adrenaline, true excellence of the Mercedes brand. The Mercedes CLA don't represent only the technology, the speed, and the fascination of the prestige cars known in the world.
With sleek lines and incredible performances, the fleet Mercedes intended for short-term rental is a real worship for enthusiast driver. Just turn the key in the ignition to get immediately the feeling of driving special cars.
The sound is very pleasant inside the car, when the power is taken to extremes.
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