Ferrari rental Pisa Tuscany

Rent a Ferrari Pisa

Brand: Ferrari. Ask for the luxury car delivery directly at the Pisa Airport gate exit. The most exclusive are waiting for you to speed on the tree-lined avenues and on the hills featuring this area of Tuscany.
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Luxury and prestige car hire: select sports car, exotic car, convertible car

Rent a Ferrari 488 CABRIO

Price rent Ferrari 458 Spider

Model: Ferrari 488 CABRIO
Exterior: red, black
PickUp: Pisa Italy

Rent a Ferrari 488 COUPE

Price rent Ferrari 458 Spider

Model: Ferrari 488 Coupè
Exterior: red, black
PickUp: Pisa Italy

Rent a Ferrari 458 Spider

Price rent Ferrari 458 Spider

Model: Ferrari 458 Spider
Exterior: red, black
PickUp: Pisa

Ferrari California

Price rent Ferrari California

Model: Ferrari California
Exterior: grey, black
PickUp: Pisa

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Price rent Ferrari 458 Speciale

Model: Ferrari 458 Speciale
Exterior: red, black
PickUp: Pisa

Rent a Ferrari 458 Italy

Price rent Ferrari 458 Italy

Model: Ferrari 458 Italy
Exterior: red, black
PickUp: Pisa

Rent a Ferrari Pisa Tuscany

Luxury Car Rental Pisa Italy Italy

Luxury car rental Pisa
To shoot on board of a Ferrari 458 or of a Bentley Continental, at the bottom of the Pisa Leaning Tower it's a privilege for few ones. The beautiful roads on the Lungarno, with the historical buildings facing them reminding the ancient splendour and the wealth of the past, will be the perfect frame for your Tuscan holidays. You could leave your car few meters from the Pisa Tower and walk on the park of Piazza dei Miracoli without shoes.

Would you like to know the itineraries around Pisa?
The beauty and the power of our luxury rental cars need the most exclusive and unforgettable itineraries; not jus the same ordinary road, but a customized one, designed starting from your needs and your dreams. A detailed map that will allow you to reach the most beautiful places in Italy, in full independence, but always with the possibility of our 24 hours assistance.

4 Luxury car service: every day a different car

Una Ferrari diversa ogni giorno

Every driver's dream: to wake up and drive a different super car every day Here is the perfect way to drive just in few days the most exclusive cars among sports car, convertible car, exotic and luxury car.

You could choose among a number of cars and models, all top quality: Ferrari 458, or Bentley Continental, Ferrari California or Aston Martin, Ferrari 458 Italy or Porsche 911, or why not, the brand new Ferrari 458 Speciale.

The car will be delivered every morning in the place and at the time agreed with the customer, according to his/her needs. This is a very appreciated service, by the eccentric clients that wants to feel new emotions, but also by the ones going to buy a luxury car and whishes to know the supercars details in advance.


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STAZIONE Pisa Centrale
Piazza della Stazione, Pisa Italy, 56125

Luxury Hotel in Pisa
Delivery is in the city center , in the suburbs.

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Pisa Tuscany Italy


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All the services offered by Karisma Luxury Rental

The top of our care is reserved to our 5 star clients, as our skills and knowledge which are the result of years of experience. All this allowed Karisma Luxury Rental to create customized services, designed to meet all the demands of our clients. The approach is brand new, and the goal is to gather extra-luxury services, privacy and the best supercars in a perfect simphony.

Luxury rental car service in Pisa with fast delivery
(less than 5 minutes after your arrival)

For our exclusive clients time is precious and waiting may be a big problem. For this reason our “VipService” allows to manage all the bureaucratic documents before your arrival. The car will be delivered in less than 5 minutes after your arrival in the place and at the time you have selected (24h service).
Get on board, the engine rumble and the scent of luxury are waiting for you.

One way car rental Italy

Servizio One Way

One Way Luxury Car from Pisa Service

San Miniato (the land of Tartufo), Calcinaia, San Giuliano Terme, are all places part of the Pisa province, and all of them are inserted of the Mille Miglia, the most famous ride on the road of Italy.

If we add Volterra (famous for its towers), Lajatico (where there is the Teatro del Silenzio by Andrea Bocelli) and Santa Croce sull'Arno (known in all the world for its exclusive leather creations), you will get a perfect itinerary to reach Roma in few hours.

The One Way Luxury Car Rental Service includes the possibility to rent the luxury car in Pisa and return it in Rome or in another italian or european city.
A perfect solution to enjoy the charming of the landscapes all around.

Along the beautiful roads of the tuscan countryside, you will excited riding the hills, the bends and the roads among the hills. All the path will be projected enhance the pleasure of driving at its top.


Review luxury car Rent a Ferrari Pisa Airport
Review 5 star
"Magica Toscana."
by , il 4 June 2017
Once arrived at the airport we had a look around and saw one of the most famous panorama in Italy. You can see the Leaning Tower from every corner of Pisa. I'd never ever thought to pass so close to it on a flaming red Ferrari !