Rent a Ferrari Portofino in Florence Italy


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Hire a Ferrari California T in Italy


Car: Ferrari California T
Color: Red
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Ferrari 488 SPIDER

Ferrari 488 Spider for rent in Italy


Car: Ferrari 488 Spider
Color: Red
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Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari Portofino


Car: Ferrari Portofino
Color: Red
Rent: daily, weekend, monthly
Pick-up: Italy


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Florence Peretola Airport, Via del Termine, 11, Florence, 50127 Italy

Florence Station Santa Maria Novella
Piazza della Stazione, 1, 50123 Florence

Ferrari delivery location for hire in Florence Italy

  1. Florence Central Station of Santa Maria Novella
  2. Firenze Rifredi Station
  3. Galileo Galilei Florence Airport PSA
  4. Florence Peretola Airport FLR
  5. Chianti

Mobile: ✆ +39 366 41.64.649
Open: every day from 08am to 19pm

Renting a Ferrari in Florence Italy

Luxury car rentals to drive on the most beautiful paths of Tuscany
Your itinerary will include the most beautiful streets of Tuscany, among the incredible landascapes of Chianti, the fashinating squares of Florence and the wonderful hills of Val D'Orcia. Furthermore, if you like to take the challenge, you can drive the typica tuscan curvy streets, a real pleasure for the most demanding drivers.

Press the gas pedal and liste: the engine rumble will give you chills.
You will discover the real magnificence of the tuscan art cities, the fashinating cantinas in Volterra, Montalcino and Montepulciano, and the little, beautiful tavernsof Siena.

Despite being one of the most extreme SuperCar of Ferrari, is very simple to use it thanks to the parking sensors and rearview camera that also help in the most uncomfortable situations. The space on board is not much but it's the price to pay for those who are fond of the Prancing Horse.

Karisma Luxury Car Rental Service

Elegance, professionality and top privacy: these are Karisma Luxury Rental services business card.
The best Ferrari for hire dedicated to our clients demanding luxury and exclusivity. 
You could choose among Ferrari California rental, Ferrari Speciale rental, Ferrari 458 rental and Ferrari 458 Spider rental.

Personal Assistant Karisma Luxury Rental

Car delivery in less than five minites from your arrival.
Have you ever dreamed to exit from the gate and see the car of your dreams is there waiting for you?
No lines, no time lost waiting, no delays.

All the folders and records will be handled before your arrival.
Your personal assistant will give you the car keys and will give you the last instructions.
In less than five minutes from your arrival you could leave toward your destination.

A personal assistant at your disposal h24
Each Karisma Luxury Rental client will have a personal assistant at his full disposal; he will follow and help the client from the very first contact to the car return. He will be your contact person during your stay and will answer every request and demand.


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One Way Service from Florence

One Way Service with car return in a different city.
What is more convenient for you than to return the car wherever you prefer? Feel free to choose what is better for your needs; you will not have to come back to return the car. This is an easy way to exploit all the time at your disposal to see different places.

You just have to choose time and place, your personal assistant will wait for you there (24h service)

The personal assistant will let you find it in perfect conditions, the gas tank filled up ready to go, directly at your hotel or villa. A new day, a new different emotion!

Are you ready to cross the most charming paths that all the world envies us?

Elegant and smooth lines dress the Ferrari 458 Spider Nothing is left to the case: the gap on the wheel fender make the air flow passing over, in order to press the car on the ground, inreasing thus its stability.

A number of reasons to choose hiring a Ferrari California It is a versatile car, with the sunroof that can be opened, leaving nevertheless a lot of space into the trunk.

The interiors are made in leather, to underline the elegance and carefulness with which this symbol car brand Ferrari is made. Pure driving pleasure, guaranteed by the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3,8 seconds, perfectly domesticated by the automatic 7 gear shift, with electronic control really fast and flawless

Driving on the most glamourous streets with ab acceleration 0 to 100 km/h in three seconds, it is pure adrenaline. The engine rumble gets inside the car, giving you emotions that you can't feel in other cars.

The street grip is absolutely perfect, as the wheels that remains glued to the street; the peculiar dampening system makes the bend to be extremely precise, letting the driver feel safe in every situation.


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"The services are designed for a demanding target, used to ask and get the top of exclusivity.."
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An innovative approach to discover Tuscany, surrounded by extreme luxury. You could drive the most fascinating luxury car and switch it off making a pause in elegant squares. All the most elegant Ferrari here in Italy wait for you, and here you will find luxury, style and performances: Ferrari 458 Special, Ferrari 458 Spider, Ferrari 458 Italy, Ferrari California and meny other models.